Safety glasses for protection UVEX SKYPER 9197 265 HC/AF

For jobs that require specific skills and still face the risk of hard work. Furthermore, in jobs related to industry and construction, they have to pick up tools all day. Operators can therefore not predict what dangers will occur? Especially with our UVEX ‘safety glasses’ therefore it is absolutely necessary that will help protect this pair of eyes to be safe from undesirable things from work, such as scraps, metal scraps, dust, stone flakes, or small objects that may be blown into causing injury, or if only one serious it can cause lifelong vision loss.

✨ Safety glasses are equipment to protect the eyes from various hazards, Suitable for general work that may cause small objects to bounce, such as grinding, polishing.

✨ Safety glasses can block 100% of UV rays.

✨ The lens has hard-coated to prevent scratches on the outside and anti-fog coating on the inside

✨ Safety glasses arms can be adjusted in length to help adapt to the shape of the face as well.

✨ These safety glasses have a sporty shape design and increase the safety of protecting the eyes to the eyebrows.

✨ European standard EN166.

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