‘Moto GP’ engine oil MOTUL 4-stroke for motorcycle lubricant products

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4-stroke motorcycle lubricants product range resulting from a collaboration between Motul and Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing. It was born as an engine oil known as ‘Moto GP’ engine oil advanced mineral grade mixed with special inoculum from Motul by bringing experiences from the world’s greatest motorcycle racing events to develop for the average user. There are 2 models to choose from according to the nature of the motorcycle, such as…

MOTUL 4-stroke for motorcycle lubricant products

1️⃣ GP Power 4T (10W40 JASO MA2)
📮 4-stroke motorcycle oil, chain/transmission

– Certified to meet JASO MA2: 2016 standard.
– Suitable for wet clutch systems, providing better engine protection.
– Bits of help keep engines clean reduces wear and provides smoother gear changes.

2️⃣ GP Matic 4T (10W40 JASO MB API SL)
📮 4-stroke scooter oil, automatic

– Tested in accordance with JASO MB: 2016 standard.
– Helps reduce friction for a smoother start and acceleration.
– Reduces soot stains Wear protection, and improves fuel efficiency.

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