Automotive Aftermarket

Automotive Aftermarket Division (AAD) focuses on automotive parts in replacement market mostly covering consumable items which must be replaced within specific period. The automotive products distributed by Borneo are battery and ties for automobile and trucks, automotive parts such as shock absorber, brake pad, clutch, filter, belt and lubricants, body repair, car decorative-maintenance products and consumable parts for motorcycle. We have quality automotive supply from trusted and renowned partner brands and offer logistic services for our customers as battery shops, air-conditioning and dynamo service, car and motorcycle spare part shops, car paint shop, tire garage, engine garage, paint shop, body repair shop and service center with Borneo sale staffs who well take care and provide after-sale service all over the country.

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  • TG300 Gray Cotton Gloves with Blue Latex Coating

    Prevent danger from abrasion, cutting, slashing, and piercing, increasing the contact surface to be more firm increasing security reducing slip relaxation in work washable by washing machine.

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  • KU211 cordless drill 20v 10mm. The brushless system does not use carbon brushes. (Batteries 2.0Ah x 2)

    Drilling holes as needed, a variety of steel and wood can be used in conjunction with a maximum drill size of 10 mm. High power motor, strong power, constant power.

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  • PN08889LT 3M Glass Coating 200 ml.

    Multipurpose spray to fill the large holes in various tracks. Can be painted over water-resistant, not water-resistant, acid-resistant, oil resistant

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  • AISIN Semi-Synthetic Oil SN PLUS 10W-30 4L

    Extends engine life by preventing wear even under severe driving conditions. Increase efficiency in fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions.

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