[Borneo Review] Professional CAR CARE: Sparko Plated Crystal Glaze Water

Sparko Plated Crystal Glaze Water car polish spray 650 ml’ special formula for protecting car paint and varnish, easy to remove stains, ingrained, and car surface dirt.  The coating will be able to maintain the beauty on the car surface for a long time, reduce the occurrence of various scratches, prevent asphalt stains, including being able to prevent dust, water, UV light, acid rain, and other residues. that do not want. It’s also convenient to use as well.

Sparko Plated Crystal Glaze Water

📚 How to use 💬
Sparko Plated Crystal Glaze Water

☀️ Clean the surface to be varnished.

☀️ Shake the can before use, spray to the desired area at a distance of about 15-30 cm.

☀️ It is recommended to use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface.

☀️ Wipe once to allow the coating to be applied to the desired surface.

☀️ Use another cloth to wipe again to maintain shine.

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