Terms of use

Terms of use

Anyone who uses the Borneo Technical (Thailand) Limited website (Hereinafter referred to as ‘BTL’ or ‘Website’) As operated by BTL the head office is at 89/175 Vibhavadi-Rangsit Rd., Talad Bangkaen, Laksi, Bangkok 10210.

You must read the terms and conditions of use of this website. Since they apply to all websites owned or operated by BTL and reserves the right to amend or change at any time without notice. You are responsible for checking the changes to the terms of use of the website including any additional requirements Which are regularly specified in BTL. If you continue to use this website after any changes have occurred. Naturally regarded as accepting the said change.


Text, documents, photos, illustrations, animation, software, etc. (hereinafter referred to as ‘content’) This website is the property of BTL. That is protected by copyright, patent, trademark Service mark Trade name And all symbols referenced or defined on the website and other intellectual property rights owned by BTL and its affiliates. Including the other third parties.

BTL does not allow or grant the right to use copyright, patent, trademark information or other intellectual property rights third party to users. Which you can download content on this website that can be distributed for personal purposes. You may not edit, reproduce, duplicate, download, transmit or modify. And also prohibiting the use of the content on this website for any commercial purpose except with the prior written consent of BTL.

Reservation of Rights

– BTL does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of all information. The use of this website must be done at the user’s own responsibility. Even documents, photos, illustrations, animations, software, links, and other information This website will be created by BTL.

– BTL is not responsible for any damages or losses. Caused by the user as a result of information obtained through this website. Including is not responsible for problems caused by users’ computer browsers that cannot use this website properly.

– BTL does not guarantee the accuracy of content regarding content, services, and information to third party websites that are not under the control of BTL or its affiliates. Despite having links for the convenience of website visitors.

– BTL is not responsible for any damage or breach of contract. That you received Due to product or service information defined or proposed on the linked third-party website. Your connection to an external website is at your own risk. BTL will not be liable for defects concerning products or services that appear or advertise on those websites as well.

– BTL will suspend all or part of the website operations for maintenance purposes Fix errors or other changes that may be at normal times or beyond. And reserve the right to suspend revoke access to all or part of it cancel the operation or close this website regardless of the reason and do not notify users in advance.


– Even text, documents, photos, illustrations, animations, software, etc. This website is carefully built and managed by Borneo Technical (Thailand) Limited BTL hereby does not guarantee the accuracy and or completeness of all data.

– BTL is not responsible for any damages or losses caused by the user As a result of data (Including similar information) received through this website. Besides, BTL will not be responsible for any damages or losses incurred. Because users have received information from third party websites that link to this website. (Including links from this website)

– BTL we reserve the right to change any or all of the website content or suspend or close this website at any time without notifying users in advance.

– This website has ‘Forward-looking statements’ regarding BTL and its affiliates including plans, strategies direction of belief and efficiency. There may be forward-looking statements presented to inform users of BTL’s management perspective, for example, an executive’s statement at a certain time. Which wants to reflect the trend of the target group based only on the information currently available. In reality, it may be out of date. And still have risks because the results may differ in the future. Readers should use their discretion. Don’t believe too much in these messages and should not be used as a basis for investment decisions.

– Information of products or services included on the website. May not be correct or there is a mistake BTL will periodically update the changes. Therefore should not give any advice Received via BTL website. Have your decision whether legal or financial. You should consult with a professional in that profession for advice that is suitable for your situation.

– BTL does not guarantee the availability, continuity, and ability to access this website. It does not guarantee that the website will not have software, viruses, or any other harmful items. As well as will not be liable for any loss or damage that occurs whether directly. Or indirectly (including the loss or special damages) from the use of BTL on your website whether for any purpose.

– He specifically agreed that BTL will not be responsible or liable for accessing or changing your data transmission or any transaction that you do through the BTL website without authority.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

– This website is managed and maintained by BTL. Although this website is accessible from countries around the world. But the laws are different. Users of this website and BTL both agree that the use of this website is subject to and interpreted under Thai laws and regulations.

– BTL does not display messages indicating or indicating whether the content of this website is compatible with the environment of the users who use this website. The users who use this website do as they wish, and the users who use this website are responsible for the use of this website.

– You agree that the existing relationship between you and BTL as a result of this agreement or using BTL on your website. It is not a joint venture, partnership, employment or agency between you and BTL.

– The terms and conditions of use of these websites will be governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand. And any disputes Related will be under the jurisdiction of the non-exclusive case of the Thai court. Unless otherwise specified.

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